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    Why would you want 3D printer?


    I only have 3D printer for about a month and people asked me that question multiple times already.. It's the question every early adopter gets. (is it really that "early"?) Back in the old days of feature phones, people were wondering why I got Symbian phone that was quite a bit more expensive than regular Nokia brick. That was years before iPhones were a thing, so the answer wasn't as obvious to non-techie people out there as it might be today. (and remember, when it was released, even iPhone wasn't all that smart, no app store, no multitasking, no Bluetooth even) Back then the simple (and real) answer was:

    "Because it's cool!"


    And that's really the reason why I got my 3D printer. However I feel like the real answer is different. I no longer feel that the 3D printers are cool for the same reason the pseudo-smart mobile phones with proprietary OS were cool. And to explain that feeling, I have to go few years back.

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    The monkey remote desktop experiment

    The waste of being present

    From time to time I work from home - nothing unusual here, I'm actually surprised that this practice isn't more common. After all - unless you're working manually, chances are you are working remotely anyway. Your email, instant messaging - you might be reading them locally on your computer, but they are all stored, transferred and received by server somewhere in datacentre. All your applications are moving to your browser, all your files are moving to cloud. The point is this: A lot of people are working remotely even while sitting at their office chair. Whole companies are like that.

    Yet, every morning, there are traffic jams and the public transport is overloaded.. And it seems like a huge waste to move all these people around, just to have them working somewhere virtual anyway.

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    2016-05-14 00:00 Miroslav Prasil

    What I've learned from my son

    There's one thing that fascinates me about kids. I actually only noticed it recently while watching my little son.

    The thing is, kids do everything 100%. There's no multitasking, whatever they do, they only do that thing and they are completely focused on it.

    My son doesn't even speak and probably only understands very few words, yet nobody else will listen to whatever you say like he does. Obviously that's only true when he is listening, when he's not, he's not listening at all. There's no pretending. You either have his undivided attention or you have none of it.

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    2016-05-03 00:00 Miroslav Prasil