Keyboard meet head

Where my head meets keyboard..


So Internet has failed you and you ended up here? Well that's a bit awkward situation we have here, isn't it? I'd offer you some cookies, but I ate them all recently.. So perhaps have a look around. Feel free to be nosy, if you'd like to. Read something if you feel like.. I'll be around, so ping me if you need anything.

About Miro

In the last couple decades, I've been called..

..and worse, but friends call me Miro.

I've been very lucky so far and I've almost exclusively worked on stuff that I really enjoy in one way or another. When I'm not working, you can often find me tinkering with things. I like to learn new stuff, I like to understand how things work and I appreciate good design. You can sometimes see me playing computer games - a lot of time I do this just to appreciate well implemented game loop or play mechanic.

I read books. Terry Pratchett's books are my default choice. When I'm not visiting Discworld I'm mostly reading non-fiction. I like to read about successful people, I also like to read about great failures - the latter usually provides a lot more lessons to learn from.

My favorite quote is:

Before you can kill the monster you have to say its name. -- Terry Pratchett

How to contact and follow me:

If you think this site is ugly or broken, you're probably right, please let me know. Also don't hesitate to ping me if you spotted any mistake, typo, grammatical error or misinformation.

When you're submitting a comment on one of my articles, please also indicate whether it's okay to add attribution to your comment if I decide to publish it. Otherwise I'll consider your contribution anonymous.

Email is the preferred way to contact me, I only watch my LinkedIn profile sporadically.