What I've learned from my son

There's one thing that fascinates me about kids. I actually only noticed it recently while watching my little son.

The thing is, kids do everything 100%. There's no multitasking, whatever they do, they only do that thing and they are completely focused on it.

My son doesn't even speak and probably only understands very few words, yet nobody else will listen to whatever you say like he does. Obviously that's only true when he is listening, when he's not, he's not listening at all. There's no pretending. You either have his undivided attention or you have none of it.

This makes me wonder. As we grow up, we learn to multitask. We check our phones while talking with friends, we might even read short email while "listening". We sometimes might spend entire conference call working on something completely unrelated and gauging by other atendees reactions, everybody does that except perhaps that one or two guys in the spotlight. We browse Facebook while we watch TV. We skip portions of article that we're reading just to save some time. (you might have skipped that sentence, didn't you? It's fine I'd do the same..)

And I wonder, is that the true evolution? Did we really grow up to be multitasking creatures or is that some bad habbit that we learned sometimes in history and we just continue the cycle by teaching our kids the same?

Isn't our multitasking just a defence mechanism? Aren't we just trying to stop doing what we're doing and do what we'd like to do? It's just we can't really stop it 100% so we multitask. We multitask and live our dreams 10% of the life at a time.

Sometimes I'd wish I was more like my son. Just turn away from that ballast of life that I don't really enjoy and do what I really want.

And then do that 100%

2016-05-03 00:00 Miroslav Prasil